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CAD, Product Design, Sketching, Prototyping, Storytelling

Project Duration

5 weeks

Molar is a point of care device toothbrush based on saliva biomarker detection. It is a platform that allows diagnostics & health monitoring to be embedded in people’s routines, by using the toothbrush and the well stablished habit around toothbrushing as a support for the point of care device. It aims to increase monitoring through well established daily rituals as a first step towards the implementation of at-home testing in the long run. 


Molar comes in two forms: the add-on version, which adapts to the user's current toothbrush head and conveys the positive result of the test through colour change, and the electric toothbrush, which has a biotransducer that will allow for biomarker data to be sent to an app and shared with the dentist or doctor.

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