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Lior Shulak-Hai, Jacob Kurzrock, Xianzhi Zhang


Interaction Design, User-Centered Design, Technical Prototyping, Filmmaking

Project Duration

12 weeks

BrightSide is the first communication tool for parents with fibromyalgia that focuses on the social aspect of pain management, and introduces a novel approach to how families talk about chronic illness. 


Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition that causes widespread pain and severe fatigue, that has no cure and no explainable onset. Being a parent with fibromyalgia is extremely difficult especially when it comes to communicating their state to their children. This is why we created BrightSide, the first communication device for parents with fibromyalgia and their kids. 


By using BrightSide a parent can establish a communication ritual that will help them overcome the barrier of speaking about their condition with their children. The interaction will establish a family conversation routine about parents’ symptoms and efforts of getting better. This will reduce stress levels associated with fibromyalgia along with uncertainties for both parent and child, helping normalise the condition by shining a light on their daily life.

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